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Bangin-Beats soundware is available on Audio CD for any sampler and on various media for the following hardware:
AIFF: For MAC based programs.
Akai: MPC60/MKII, MPC1000, MPC2000/XL, MPC3000, MPC4000.
*Note: Some MPC60/MKII Kits may have less files than in kit descriptions due to limitations of the double density format. Rest assured we hand picked the Banginest!
Emu: SP1200 (Sorry, currently unavailable)
Ensoniq: ASR10, ASRX 
Korg: TRITON (.Wav format Floppies & CD Rom)
Kurzweil: K2000, K2500 & all .Wav format systems.
Roland: MV8000
.Wav Format: For all PC based programs; Acid, Fruity Loops, etc.... This is also the standard popular in many samplers from EMU to Zoom.
Yamaha: Motif

Confused? Check your samplers format specs or contact us with any questions. Ordering the wrong format, or ordering a media type that we do not offer for your format can incur additional shipping charges to correct your order.

Unless specified otherwise, orders ship on the most cost effective media compatible with your hardware sampler or computer program.
Digital Delivery is also available for most modern formats. (More info on Digital Delivery)
Floppy > MPC60/60II, MPC2000/XL, MPC3000, ASR10/X, SP1200, WAV, AIFF.
CD Rom > MPC1000, MPC4000, MV8000, WAV, AIFF. (We do not offer sounds on CD Rom for MPC2000)
Zip > AIFF, MPC2000/XL, MPC4000, MV8000, WAV.
Zip Disks are a $12 upgrade except for large libraries, when it is included. If you prefer to have your smaller order compiled on a Zip disk, use the upgrade buttons found on soundware catalog pages, or click here.
Compact Flash > We offer this only for large library customers with no other means of loading samples. CF media  is over 50x the cost of CD Rom, and not cost effective for smaller orders.
Own an MPC1000 and don't know how to connect via usb to load sounds from CD Rom? Email support.
ORDER TURNAROUND TIME - Click here for our holiday hours & turnaround time. (Launches in new window)
Orders for Digital Delivery for individual kits receive download links via email immediately after purchase. orders for one of our larger package deals consisting of several kits, require a nominal digital delivery period of generally less than 24 hours. 
Orders with Standard US shipping average delivery within 7-10 business days of payment. 
Orders with Priority US shipping average delivery within 3-5 business days of payment. 
Credit Card and Money Order purchases are usually fastest. Check payments are subject to a 10 day fund verification period before processing. International delivery times vary vastly depending on location. The average turnaround is 7-10 business days for most international locations, but can be as much as 2-3 weeks.

Express orders are processed and ship the next business day after payment clears. This delivery option is only available within the United States and does not guarantee next day delivery. We drop everything and process these orders right away, but we cannot be held responsible or refund shipping charges due to shipping carrier delays or technical issues beyond our control. 
If a product is unavailable for shipment due to a stock shortage or technical issue, email notification will 
be sent.
Payment can be made by the following methods:
Online Shopping Cart: All online orders are processed through 128 bit SSL encrypted checkout.
Our VeriSign certified secure server guarantees privacy and security for all transactions processed.
We accept: Visa, Mastercard & American Express credit & debit cards.
Charges will appear clearly on your statement as BanginBeats Com.
Mail in Orders: Money Order (US Postal Money Orders Only), Cashiers Check, Personal or Business Check (requires 10 day fund verification period). Visit our Contact Info Page, where an online order form can be launched and printed.

Paypal Orders: Use our shopping cart, just select  "Make payment through Paypal" at checkout.
Orders By Phone:  You can call in orders Mon.-Sat. 9:00am to 5:00pm EST. (When we're not in session).
If we're not available, leave a message & we'll get back to you as soon as possible.
That varies from kit to kit. Certain sounds use more memory than others, ie; bass tones or cymbals vs kicks & snares. Most construction kits average 24-32 individual sounds, some with more or less. Unlike other companies, we do NOT advertise more sounds than you receive. We don't call 5 variations of the same snare, 5 snares !! Tuned differently, filtered & decayed etc... Don't be mislead. Floppy disks hold 1.4MB, When someone claims they pack every pad bank on the MPC, they're pullin' a fast one. We lace our kits with custom unique sounds, not wack variations of the same junk. No need to wonder how many actual sounds you'll receive versus how many variations on the same sounds. We list specific file specs for each and every kit in our catalog. 
We challenge you to find a duplicate sound. If you do, (won't happen), prove it & we'll correct it, pay for the kit & rush ship you another at no charge. No doubt over the course of thousands of sounds you may come across similar names, but rest assured each and every construction kit is its own dope masterpiece.
Our sounds come from all over & there is no one source for our sounds.  Many of our drum samples originate from live sets... Nothing beats an old snare miked in a small room with a classic RCA 44BX ribbon mic and an AKG C414b-uls or XLS. Run through 3 stages of quality tube preamplification, resampled as needed with parametric EQ, stacked for thickness & truly mastered. We also employ custom hardware compressors with modified opamps, low-ESR capacitors, and  Ultra low distortion Class AB VCA. This makes for sonic character that is not available off the shelf anywhere at any price, and is most definitely not duplicated by any software on earth.  A drawmer punch gate and an SP1200 work hand in hand to bring punch and grime in a way that no software can. Its a painstaking process critically monitoring the same sounds for hours till they BANG just right. Let us do the work, you go make some beats.
Our free downloads page offers a sampling that accurately represents the vibe of our entire catalog. We don't follow "current trends" in music. Our business is sound design, not sound imitation. That being said, our sounds are beyond current. In example, our client base of music industry professionals are producing hit records now, that are slated for release next year. At that point, sound companies who emulate what's "current", are naming their sets after our customers and trying their best to cloak the whole thing with flashy web design. 
That all depends on what you're doing. A good place to start is by looking at the packages on our specials page. Some packages are compiled based on actual customer feedback. If it's not a full package or library you're looking for, keep in mind that most of the sets in our packages are available individually in our catalog pages. Also, feel free to drop us an Email with some information on what you do & we'll point you in the right direction. You may not want an analog flavored reggae kit for your crunchy east coast tracks. 
No. All of our sounds are licensed and royalty free to purchasers. We get our set rate for the soundware you purchase & that's it. We do however, aggressively pursue legal action against anyone participating in the sale or distribution of our samples or software in any form other than original music. Pirating and infringements are taken seriously. More at Terms of Use.
We don't blow up anyone's spot, and we don't drop names. We'll never try to imply any producer or artist affiliation that doesn't exist, and we will NEVER name a sound set or library after a producer, much less a producer who isn't a customer! When you hear one of our sounds on a current record, they got it from us, not the other way around. We don't recycle other peoples work, our customer base is riddled with top Gold & Platinum selling producers. Feel free to check the testimonials page for actual feedback from music industry professionals.
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